unfair youth
2005-03-11 21:20:06 ET

why is it even though im 18 im still treated and feel like a child. its

like my parents just use that fact that im an adult to fuck with me. i

do what im told now that im of age and all i seem to be doing is going

to work and school and never having to time to relax away from my

parents to do my own thing. i need to get the fuck out of here soon. i

dont know if i can hang here two more years till i transfer.

2005-03-11 21:21:54 ET


stay up playa, dont let the man get you down

2005-03-11 21:23:12 ET

dude i dont know how much more of this bullshit i can take

2005-03-11 21:25:38 ET

yeah i know, when someone you've had control over for 18 years starts to want to be free and do what they want, i think parents feel like they've lost control of something, they feel helpless so they try and find ways to fuck with you, only to feel some sort of control. It's fucked up but I'm sure they wont always breath down your neck, dont let it get to you so much, as it'll only let them know that they're suceeding in what they're trying to do.

2005-03-14 21:15:42 ET

yeah i know but i mean they pretty much lost control when i turned 17 but just recently its like i had to get my act together

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