This is me!!!
2002-09-30 19:41:22 ET

hey there everyone who reads this my names amy umm yeah i herd about this place frome my friend cyndi shes pretty cool and yeah i dont really know what to say cause im kinna tired and anyways later

2002-09-30 19:44:13 ET

Welcome friend.
This place is addictive. I warn you now. :)

2002-09-30 19:58:37 ET

drink, drank, drunk

2002-09-30 20:00:31 ET

Welcome *waves*

2002-09-30 20:00:51 ET

welcome welcome
we are glad to have ya..

2002-10-01 11:36:50 ET

Any friend of Cyndi is a friend of me!

Welcome to SK.

If you need any help, go here.

2002-10-01 14:35:32 ET

welcome, sk is like crack.

p.s. - yell at cyndi for spelling voodoo glow skulls wrong

2002-10-01 14:41:44 ET

what are you talking about willis..i did no such thing


2002-10-01 18:57:24 ET

thanks to everyone for welcoming me that was cool of you and yeah to the chick that said cyndi spelled voodoo glow skulls wrong damn you!!! what the hell were you thinking of

2002-10-01 18:58:41 ET

haha shhh..i went back and changed it..she was right..i did spell it wrong =)

2002-10-01 19:00:07 ET

hahahaa you nut head

2002-10-01 19:10:07 ET

Hullo, and welcome to SK

2002-10-01 19:11:04 ET

haha.. youa are quite funny

2002-10-01 19:12:16 ET

and yes, SK is like crack

2002-10-01 19:16:54 ET


2002-10-01 19:17:51 ET

DAMN people are so friendly here i like it already and ive only been on this thing for like 2 day??

2002-10-01 19:18:56 ET

yes, people kick ass here..did you delete someones comment?

2002-10-01 19:20:37 ET

yeah i deleted some of mine and some of yours and some other stuff cause like i hate scrolling down so much

2002-10-01 19:21:27 ET


2002-10-01 19:21:40 ET

you deleted mikeys =(

2002-10-01 19:29:38 ET

oh shit im sorry!!!

2002-10-01 19:32:13 ET

mike is the coolest..he's like in love with tool..he was the first one to comment.

2002-10-01 19:32:48 ET

yep.. he rocks..

2002-10-01 19:37:10 ET

im sorry damn i shouldnt have done that
he would get along well with alex cause alex loves tool you remember alex right cyndi??

2002-10-01 19:38:31 ET

oh i forgot i think that your eye ring looks pretty good

2002-10-01 19:40:23 ET

yea i remember him.

and thank you..go comment on my page =)

2002-10-01 19:50:04 ET

ok if i must hahaha im playing i wll when my sister (wishcracks) is done telling me a story

2002-10-04 03:38:09 ET

not to be the trendwhore....

but yes welcome....

and they are all right... SK is like crack; lots of it.

nice SN by the way.... i like it

2002-10-04 16:49:13 ET

yeah this place is pretty cool

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