2002-10-01 19:14:25 ET

cyndi pretty much summed some stuff up but i have such a bad memory i dont even remember how we became friends i do remember the first time we met though aww that was some time ago it all started when my brother brought her and this one chick vanessa home i was doing my homework as a good kid should be doing at the time then my brother came in the living room and was like you wanna smoke some bud i was like hell yeah so we went to my brothers room and my bro introduced me and we smoked out of a honey bear homemade bong it was great.. then about 1 later we became friends
it was great

so yes i am into punk music
my favorite bands are rancid, the distillers, voodoo glow skulls as cyndi spelled wrong earlier, op ivy, the causalties, REEL BIG FISH cause everytime im with cyndi we liten to that!!! and a whole lot more

my fav movies are all kevin smith movies and ET that movies great
its so funny
hmm i dont really know what else to say oh yeah im really short.... im 5 feet exactly yeah some people call me "shortie" yeah ok later

2002-10-01 19:22:52 ET

oh the memories of that huney bear.

2002-10-01 19:26:12 ET

hum.. well you seem quite the eclectic chick.. you are superb

2002-10-01 19:28:54 ET

heheh yeah that honey bear was awesome
i dont really remember all of that day but yeah
hey thanks for saying im eclectic i dont know what that means but im guessing its good?

2002-10-01 19:30:21 ET

yep yep.. good good..
it is someone who likes a lot of different things.. its cool..

2002-10-01 19:32:49 ET

oh right on thanks i now learned a new word

2002-10-01 19:33:28 ET

i was such a geek in junior high that i read the dictionary

2002-10-01 19:36:14 ET

hahaha theres nothing wrong with that i mean shit you can speak intelegently to people shit i dont even think i spelled that right

2002-10-01 19:38:09 ET

its ok.. i cant spell for shit.. but i know a lot of words... damn my eclectic vocabulary..

2002-10-01 19:49:17 ET

hahahaha thats cool yeah i dont really know any words except like basic words and shit like that but some big words i do know i mean i know there meaning but i cant spell them
i just noticed this is a really strang conversation

2002-10-02 06:14:48 ET

yeah.. about vocabulary.. hum..
So hows it goin

2002-10-02 21:01:00 ET

oh its going pretty good yeah im pretty tired

2002-10-02 21:01:08 ET

school sucks

2002-10-03 06:34:26 ET


2002-10-04 03:41:47 ET

life is incendiary


2002-10-04 06:47:15 ET


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