school fucking sucks!!!
2002-10-02 21:03:00 ET

ahh i hate being in school i still wish it was summer cause then i could still get drunk on weekdays and not have to stress about anything.. and my brothers a fucking smelly bitch uhh anyways theres nothing really going on with me umm ill let you all know when something big happens hopefully soon!!!

2002-10-02 21:07:38 ET

oh oh oh oh!! i forgot to tell you..i got ONE (sorry just one) of your films developed..i got doubles also for them.

that is all.

2002-10-02 21:10:42 ET

oh shit really which role was it

2002-10-02 21:11:00 ET

i hope it was from the flogging molly/ casualties show

2002-10-02 21:20:17 ET

it was. good nite.

2002-10-02 21:23:08 ET


2002-10-04 03:42:56 ET

that is a band i haven't seen live yet....

i wanna see them

2002-10-04 16:52:45 ET

which band the casualties or flogging molly?

2002-10-04 20:44:26 ET

flogging molly of course

2002-10-04 20:50:55 ET

mmm flogging molly kicks so much ass

2002-10-04 21:10:57 ET

hell fucking ya

2002-10-05 20:58:44 ET

yeah there having a show here in like 2 weeks for only a dollar five so im definently going to that and cyndi you must join me

2002-10-05 20:59:56 ET

of course!! im there =) just remind me

2002-10-05 21:00:35 ET

oh your damn straight i will hehe yeah val and her sister are gonna come down and go with us and i think emilys gonna go to

2002-10-05 21:02:40 ET

coolness!! yay! just remind me so i get that day off of work or get off early or something.

2002-10-06 09:27:19 ET

tight damn dude last night you looked so stressed out when you were working i just wanted to like get you a beer and a fucking stoge

2002-10-06 10:23:32 ET


2002-10-06 15:10:18 ET

what the hell was that 3 all about???

2002-10-06 16:06:53 ET

<3 it's a side ways heart

2002-10-06 19:38:40 ET

haha yea amy. =) <-- a sideways smiley face.

2002-10-06 20:33:43 ET

oh wow

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