i need a cigarette
2002-10-03 14:59:28 ET

ahh today sucked ass... i wish that my friend emily would've come and visited me today!!! dammit but anyways im out of money and i need a fucking cigarette and my mom is being a fucking bitch and oh yeah the only exciting thing that happened today was this guy i know got arrested today cause he was like i guess running from his po cause he had a dirty bottle so i mean that sucks and shit but that was like the big thing of the day... so yeah

2002-10-03 15:00:52 ET

i need a monkey that loves me.

2002-10-03 15:04:20 ET

yes i belive we could all use some of that

2002-10-03 15:06:57 ET

penguin ill be your love monkey ill be everyones love monkey hey im already phils love lobster in a way

2002-10-03 23:57:28 ET

hey amy, i added some pics for you and changed your avatar for you...let me know what you think..and if you want any changes or what not and yea =)

p.s. you're welcome.

2002-10-04 16:53:18 ET

hehehe i love you cyndi thanks again

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