2002-10-06 15:15:05 ET

hey i forgot to mention that i saw cyndi last night at work but she was hella busy i mean hella busy so we ddint really get to talk cyndi i love you and we need to hang out very soon!!!

2002-10-06 15:22:18 ET

too much rice!

2002-10-06 15:34:57 ET

umm alright?

2002-10-06 15:36:04 ET

eat rice!

2002-10-06 15:57:17 ET

if i must!!!

2002-10-06 16:50:17 ET

hahaha hmm i think you can be one of my new sk friends

2002-10-06 20:31:51 ET

yea..we will dont worry..especailly when i finally get my car =)

2002-10-06 20:32:18 ET

yes its acctually quite funny cause i did eat rice with my dinner

2002-10-07 13:49:05 ET

i luv rice i have a 20lb bag of indian jamine rice :)

2002-10-07 13:56:44 ET

oh really are you indian or something to the nature of eating lots of rice or do you just really like it a lot

2002-10-07 14:07:58 ET

no im german i just like rice :)

2002-10-07 14:15:35 ET

oh awesome my brother went to germany this summer he said that it was fucking great!!!

2002-10-07 15:33:30 ET

the autobon! ask if he drove on it!

2002-10-07 20:01:21 ET

yeah he did it said that its cool cause there you can drive as fast as you want and here theres a speed limit

2002-10-08 13:40:45 ET

yeah theres no speedlimit on the autobon!!

2002-10-10 17:17:21 ET

yeha i know that must be fucking great id be going all kinds of fast

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