out to lunch!
2002-10-13 21:48:35 ET

yeah today i slept really really late and then i called up my friend cyndi and asked her if she wanted to kick it and she said that she was going out to lunch with some friends and she asked if i wanted to go so i was like hell yeah i wanna go. so we went out to lunch at this irish resturant which was pretty cool i wanted one of their glasses and i asked for one but they guy wouldnt let me take it cause he was a dick but anyways after that i hung out with cyndi and johnathan for a little while then johnathan dropped me off at home oh yeah while i was at cyndis after we ate i finally got my pictures from the flogging molly/ casualties show i was so happy but anyways like i called up my friend alex to see what he was doing and he was hanging out with some people and he asked me to meet him at the park and i said fuck that cause it was too far so he said that later he and my boy friend would stop by so they did and they came with tony and clark they stayed here for about 5min then they left and i watched half a movie called SLEEPERS its really good but really fucked up and then i decided to come online and talk to friends and add this so yeah i hope tomarrows gonna be fun to like today was!!! im happy i got to see you today cyndi i love you

2002-10-14 11:14:01 ET

=) im glad we got to hang out also. hopefully i'll see you today or thursday for the flogging molly show =D i love ya to!

2002-10-14 21:36:50 ET

yes it was good to see you today :)

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