lazy day!
2002-10-14 21:45:49 ET

today was alright. i didnt have school today which was great. i got to sleep in for awhile till emily called me at like 10:30 telling my ass to wake up. so i got up waited for her to get down to my house then i called my boy friend so he would get his ass down to my house and then emilys boy showed up at my house and we had him go out and get her a pack while we watched the lord of the rings with my brother. its weird i thought that movie was gonna be really dumb but its acctually pretty good. so after clark got back with the cigarettes we decided to go to TARGET and visit our good friend cyndi... cause we missed her and we had nothing else better to do no really its cause we missed you cyndi... anyways we waited at the bus stop for like 30min and in that time we called my good friend alex and told him to meet us at another bus stop so that he could go visit cyndi with us.. so we went down to target and waited for days so cyndi could go on a break.. then finally she did and we all enjoyed a nice cigarette with her.. then she went back to work and we set out back for home... we acctually ended up at my friend clarks house after walking for so fucking long then we grubbed and then emily and joe came back to my house emily got picked up and me and my boyfriend just kicked it at my house watching tv.. then my mom came home and was like yeah we got a package and its one of your christmas gifts and i emmediatly snactched the box and ran with it to see what was inside then my mom took it from me and she opened it up and she got my and my brother cell fones which im so happy she did cause now i can fucking get a hold of my friends and they can talk to me and shit so that was cool then joe left and i watched the simpsons and did homework so today was alright but i wish that i would've been drunk, at a show, or stoned!!!!!!

2002-10-15 11:49:33 ET

woo you finally got a damn cell i can get ahold of you now..hehe =)

2002-10-16 19:36:58 ET

damn straight yo

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