2002-10-18 19:07:10 ET

hey everyone who reads this im pretty fuciking drunk rightnow idunno im like a littlle drunk rightnow but yeah i wasworseearileryeah my spacebaris still being gay
yeah igot drunk with krysta, emily, joe , clark, tony whowasbeing a bitch thewhole time, andalex itwassomuch fun oh my godwedrank this vodka twistshit it wassofucking good but anyways that like after schoolalexcame downandwas like yeahihave drink andi waslike lets go drink itand he waslike alright soyeahwewent to the secret spot to gotfaded itwassogreat then we waited foremilys dad tocomeandpick herup thenwe came to my house tony wasbeing gay andtried goingtosleep on my floor andmy mom waslike were you drinking and i waslikeno and she was like come into my room she waslik youwere ddrinking i can smell iton you and iwaslike no momwewerentandthenshe gothella pissed andmade everyonegohomeand i waslik fuck so im grouned till january frist but like thats gonna stopme from beingdrunk hahhahaa
soyeah ansyways tahts sucksbut at least she didnt yell atme which i srealy really cool so anyways ill write later imtired drinking fucking rocks and fuck tony forbeing a litlte fuckingbitch dammit my mom wouldnt have know if itwernt for himfuck that fat fuck anywayslater

2002-10-19 10:36:33 ET

sounds like fun..but sucks you got grounded...tisk tisk

2002-10-19 16:21:31 ET

yeah iknow my moms being a fuckinglittle whorerightnow like she didnt really care at firstbut then like thismorning shewasbeing a fucking beast and yeah soim grounded tilljanuary 1st butidont really give a fuck causeshe'll getoveritin like 2 weeks

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