Young Girl
2002-10-24 19:25:30 ET

We were young girls in a small world
Im on your doorstep man
Ringin your bell again Ringing your bell again

Im sorry Gerti Rouge all that youre through
Looking for love that never stabbed your heart
ANd probably never will
Its a lie when you are telling the truth
Its the truth when you are telling a lie
Spread your legs then get down on your knees
And pray it never happens again

Well here i am on your doorstep again
I let the winds of time pass through my life
Maybe theres an end
WHo the fuck protects you?
Who the fuck is going to resurrect you?
Its a sorrowed truth the truth is not a ie
Come on up baby
Dont go and burn in the fire
my favorite band
The Distillers

2002-10-24 19:31:04 ET

The Distillers rock. A lot of their older songs I can REALLY relate to.

2002-10-24 19:41:46 ET

im glad that youlike them because a lot of people always bad mouth them and i dunno think that their a great band
but yeah ilike their first album but ithink i like this one betterbuti really hate how thereon mtv now andshit it pissesme off

2002-10-24 19:43:29 ET

I love Brody's voice, its so rad.

2002-10-24 19:44:38 ET

yeah iknow
shes so nice ive met her twice shes so great its cooltoo cause i got to meet casper too before she left the band

2002-10-24 19:46:09 ET

I miss Casper. :(

2002-10-24 19:46:55 ET

yeah i know the band will never be the same

2002-10-24 19:47:14 ET

She was so rad. Her voice really rounded out and complimented Brody's.

2002-10-24 19:48:08 ET

i wish i could've seen then whenlike kim and shit i forgot the other guys name that would've been cool

2002-10-24 19:48:19 ET

yeahi know

2002-10-24 19:49:04 ET

You mean Kim?

2002-10-24 19:50:06 ET

i had no idea she left the band till i saw them play like i think it wasback in may and she wasnt there and i asked brody and shewaslike yeah shesjust not hereright now causeshe didnt want to talk about it
but i herd shes starting a new band with her boy friend

2002-10-24 19:50:35 ET

naw that guys name that asian guy i forgot his name

2002-10-24 19:50:37 ET

That sucks.

2002-10-24 19:51:21 ET

yeah iknow but hey maybe they'll beprettycool

2002-10-24 20:07:14 ET

you've just had the distillers stuck in your head all day huh..hahaha. listening to them in the jeep thang =)

2002-10-25 15:29:41 ET

oh hell yes ddue you knwothere my favorite band well besides ranciddamn dudei saw the mostsexiest gy today his name jovito aww hes sohot but yeah

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