2002-10-25 15:32:23 ET

hey there kids once again i am faded but yeah iknow i shouldnt because im grouned an all buthey its fryday you gots to do bad on fryday but anyways yeah today was fucking awesome igot to see a sexy guy i know cause i went to his b-day party andhes awesome and i got to see a hot chikc but anyways thats besides it but yeah todays my friend TONYS b-day HAPPY Be DAY TONY hes alright but yeha i hope my b.f comesbyu today so thatmaybe wecan go to the movies and see the ring ihella wanna seethat shitcauseit looks helal cool bu yeah so umm eah im happy that my momdoesnt know that im faded right now hmm so yeah later

2002-10-25 15:57:00 ET

what did i tell you little girl =) hahaha.

i thought you were grounded so how are you still able to go out?

2002-10-25 18:46:37 ET

no i wasout forlikealittle while cause i told my mom thati had to finish my bio test so sheboughtithahahaha itwas great alexisherehe says whats up

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