2002-10-31 20:39:37 ET

halloween was so great its not as fun as i thought that it was going to be but it was great like i got to hang out with emily, joe, alex, clark, and krysta we all gotreally elevaded i mean really elevaded but yeah i was suppose to got fade with my friends chris and damien but since im grounded i had to come in hella early and damien didnt get off of work till 7:30 and i didnt have a ride to his house which sucks but oh well i will be getting faded on saturday for emilys birthday but yeah im kinna tired from walking a lot and well getting elevaded but yeah later

2002-11-01 12:51:01 ET

woowee at least you got outta the house =)

2002-11-01 20:52:04 ET

oh fuck yeah if she would've tried to keep me in i would've left anyways

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