2002-11-01 20:58:09 ET

yeah so school sucked as it always does i was happy though causethis really cute guy named kyle was talking to me today i mean he talks to me everyday and shit but i dunno i kinna like him in a way even though i know i have a boyfriend but nothing will happen with that
acctually my b/f was pissing me off today but anyways other than that i got to see sexy jovito, simon, emily, clark, joe, and krysta itwas great fun and yeah we went to the secret spot and got elevaded it was really really fun then we came back here and didnt relaly do much andmy mom got drunk and started talking to my friends and i kept fucking telling her to fucking go to bed then she flipped me off and that pissed me off so i did it back to her then she finally left hahaha i hate mymom but anyways yeaheveryone just left and im fucking tired so tired so i think that i might go to sleep now

2002-11-06 18:03:23 ET

ive never heard anyone say getting elevated. i think tomorrow when people are like lets go smoke up ill be like yeah i wanna get soo elevated lol

2002-11-13 08:32:23 ET

yeah its cause i dont wanna say that im getting high or something like that cause i might get kicked off for that so i just call it getting elevated hahaha

2002-11-13 17:56:49 ET

lol took you long enough to reply...getting elevated again?

2002-11-13 19:32:51 ET

oh yeah well shit im so pissed becausemy fucking internet was down for like a week

2002-11-14 01:40:00 ET

raar stoopidness

2002-11-14 15:26:41 ET

yes indeed it was

2002-11-14 17:03:55 ET


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