AT school again
2002-11-13 08:35:26 ET

yes im at school again and indeed it does sucks but yeah i havent been on in hella days becuse my internets been down for like a week at my house so i was like i need to get on here and tell people things so yeah fuck the god damn bell just rang i guess im gonna have to finish this up later fucking school

2002-11-13 09:32:40 ET

im gonna come see you at lunch yo!! well im gonna call ya anyways. uhh yea thats is.

oh yes..check this out..i took a "which punk rock chick are you"

guess who i got..haha

what punk rock goddess are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

2002-11-13 17:47:17 ET

yeah i tried to take the quiz but the web site wasnt responding awwill takeit later yeah so my internets workingnow im so fucking happy

2002-11-13 22:01:16 ET

sick shit.

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