Internet now Working!!!!
2002-11-13 17:57:04 ET

YES!!!! im so excited my internet is finally working anyways ive been up to a lot like lastweek sucked cause i was sick for 2days imean it wascool causei didnt have to go to school but i missed so much shitand my mom didnt call the first day in so i hopethat i dont getfryday school anyways last fryday was so great i went and saw the rolling stones with my friend alex because his mom got tickets and he waslike yeah she doesnt want to waste them so do you wanna go i was like alright causei meanim not really into thembut i said hey it'll be cool... so yeah we went to san fran and we saw them play at pac bell park and it was really great and like a little after it started this lady in front of me and alex was lighting up a J and she was using matches and it wasnt working so he let her use his lighter so after alex let her use hislighter she asked us if we toke and i waslike yeah and she was like i dont normally do this but here and she handed us a graham for free and itwas realy cool so yeah we got really i mean really elevated and then like later on during the concert her friend needed to use a lighter so alex came through once again and yet the lady gave us more free herbs it was great and yeah that was a great night and on the train ride home there was this drunk guy that was on the train and he was like fucking around with his friend that was sitting in front of him and was like playing with his hair and shit while he was trying to pass out and he was saying some random ass shit it was great so yeah i still have some of those herbs but im saving them for this weekend so i can get elevated with my friend wishcracks

so saturday was cool i got a little faded but not as much a i would've liked too but yeah so yeah then later i took random pictures with cyndi and my friend krysta itw as great so yeah then on sunday my mom rented some movies and i saw death to smoochy that shit is so fucking funny the song that robin williams sings in the begginging is so great its like "friends come in all sizes take it from me" its great i put it on my voice mail but anyways monday was cool cause we didnt have school so i hung out with some friends my friend clark stole a branch off aplant tat his neighbor was growing and hes gonna dry it out and get elevated oh my god it looked so good too but yeah so thats what happened to me while i was gone

2002-11-14 07:33:58 ET

sooo much writing..hehe..guess you had to catch up =)

2002-11-14 15:25:45 ET

your damn right i did

2002-11-14 15:25:50 ET

your damn right i did

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