Tyson yaked!!!!!
2002-11-16 20:45:58 ET

today ws so good i got to see hella people and eah well i got a l9ittle elevated atthe park with some friends then i went to my frieds b-day party that was lame i mena it was alright igot to see people i havent seen in a long time so that was col and then there was a band there and thy were alrighti mean it wasnt my kind of music but th3ey were pretty good then i left with my friends emily andkryst and we went to this one park andgt faded with some friends and yeah so im a little faded rightnow but yeah my nephews here hesso cute hes like a year and a few monthsbut yeah so umm today was so great but it sucked cause tyson got hell faded and yaked by this one picanic table it was kina funny but fyeah like asi was leaving i rubbed his head ndgave him his pack of stoges and ws like i hope your alright later and he was like yeah ill ttyl while he was in the middle of yaking it was great well i think im gonna call my friends and go to bed hahahahahahaha today was so fun!!!!!!

2002-11-16 21:16:43 ET

lol, elevated? I've never heard that before...

2002-11-16 22:42:29 ET

hahahaha well ummm im glad i didnt go see a boy yack. umm i was done with dinner at 10, but i got lazy :( sorry, and you had to be home in an hour anyways...maybe tomorrow? i get off of work at 6pm.

anyways yo, glad you had fun though. peace!

2002-11-17 18:20:58 ET

oh your damn right ihad fun last night it was great but yeah elevated is a slang word for getting high i like to use it

2002-11-17 18:53:22 ET

Yeah, I figured that. But haha, never heard it before.

2002-11-17 22:55:38 ET

well now that you have herd it you should spred the word hahahaha naw you dont have too ijust really like the word

2002-11-18 04:50:14 ET

Haha, I dunno. It may find its way into my vocabulary.

2002-11-19 17:45:27 ET

hahahaha right on yeah i have another but i think that only people at my school use this one like say you know if you see like a hottie walking down the street and your like yeah i wanna fuck that instead of sounding like a prick and saying i wanna fuck that just belike yeah i wanna beat that hahahaha i dunno i use this too causei like it

2002-11-19 23:14:38 ET

haha i remember telling someone that...but i dont know who.

2002-11-20 19:25:25 ET

yeah dudei told amanda about the word "beat" and she hella spreds it down in FRESBLOW its great

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