Insomnia and sick
2002-11-17 23:00:01 ET

god i cant fucking go to sleep... like i tried to go to sleep like an hour ago and i was starting to dose off when out of nowhere i started feeling really dizzy then like i dunno my stomach felt like all vibratingish but it didnt hurt like i was going to puke but then like i could feel like i was going to in my throat but then like my stomach just felt like i dunno strange but not yakingstrange i dunno im just really pissed that my body feels funny and that i cantget to sleep uhh im so tired butit sucks causelike ill getup and walk aroundto see if the feeling in my stomach goes away then it does i go back to laydown in my bed anditstarts to come back again then i switch positions and it stops for like 2min then it comes back again so yeah i really hope thisshit goes away soon buti think thati might walk around some more godi hope thisshitgoes away i really dont wanna yake its like my biggest fear i hatethisshit aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

2002-11-18 00:04:12 ET

im sorry..i hope you start feeling me if you stay home i'll come visit you again :)

2002-11-18 14:59:05 ET

Blowing chunks is not exactly my favorite past time either

2002-11-19 17:43:41 ET

yeah it got so much better like after i tried to go to bed again and i havent had problems since but my mom was being hella cool about it cause this stuff use to happen to me all the time like some months ago

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