Shitty day but also good
2002-11-21 16:53:16 ET

today was a pretty cool dayi got to see me cyndi and yeah she took us to carls jr and my friend amanda got some french fries but she got the wrong order and so she took someones burger and it was reallycool but yeah so that was hella funny but yeahtoday got shitty because i broke up with my boyfriend today i feel so fucking bad but its just that the whole relationship was pissing me off and like i dunno relationships are bullshit but yeah so that suckedbut he acctually took it really well which i guess is cool but i feel like such a bitch uhh *sigh* guys sucks now i dont really mean that but im jst in a fucked up mood

2002-11-21 17:26:36 ET

awwww...well maybe it was for the best.

2002-11-21 18:54:13 ET

yeahi know it was for the best but i dunno ill tell you like all the shit that he said tomarrow when i see

2002-11-23 23:54:21 ET

OOhhh crap... Carls Jr. Sounds ever so very good right now... Too bad its 3AM.

2002-11-24 17:30:47 ET

yes indeed carls jr is the shit i still havent tried that 6dollar burger but i hear its pretty good

2002-11-24 17:49:17 ET

I think I ate it once... I think it was good.

2002-11-24 17:51:47 ET

hahahaha i trust that you did!!!

2002-11-24 17:52:24 ET

:) I think your putting more faith that I ate the burger than I am.

2002-11-24 17:54:49 ET

hahahahaha i really liked that that was really cute i cant stop laughing

2002-11-24 17:55:49 ET

Haha, ummm, yup? I dunno, what did I say?

2002-11-24 17:56:46 ET

hahaha your a silly one

2002-11-24 17:58:33 ET

I get that a lot...

2002-11-24 18:02:37 ET

hehehe take it as a compliment cause being silly is great i love funny silly people laughings great

2002-11-24 18:03:55 ET

Hah, yeah, well, usually the compliments come from guys and are followed by a good smack on the ass... hahaha, not really, but whateva!

2002-11-24 18:07:21 ET

hahahaha guys are crazy

2002-11-24 18:37:47 ET

lol, yes, they are.

2002-11-24 20:33:22 ET

hahaha hey sorry i left without saying goodbye but i had to get off fast because the simpsons were coming on

2002-11-24 20:33:38 ET

lol, understandable. What Simpsons was it?

2002-11-24 20:36:18 ET

it was a new one i think cause i had never seen it before butlike marge gets breast implants im not quite sure how because i didnt get to see the beginning but like she got her boobs done and like she didntlike it so she wanted to get them back to the normal size and then like she noticed that with the large breast she was getting all kinds of attention and she liked it and then like bart got krusty introuble and like away to get his respect back form the town he saves milhouse from stappy (the elephant) and marge flashes her tits to the police hahaha it was funny

2002-11-24 20:40:07 ET

lol, I never saw that one.

2002-11-24 20:41:21 ET

whats your favorite simpsons episode?

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