2002-11-28 10:52:01 ET

i hate this holiday its so boring to me and well the food is good but its still pretty boring but i hope that it gets better when cyndi gets here cause that'll be great but yeah

2002-11-28 11:02:31 ET

im coming, im coming, im coming, im coming and yea. Alex says hes stopping by.

2002-11-28 14:43:41 ET

yeah i know
i hope your on your way cause the foods all ready

2002-11-28 15:28:45 ET

im here im here im here!! damn alex for not stopping by, youre in the living room right now watching the Hobet or however its spelled...and listening to these people talk..hahaha

2002-11-28 19:50:19 ET

i see yes im waiting for kyle to get online now damn i really want to talk to that boy

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