2002-12-12 15:05:26 ET

this week has gone by so fast and its sucked ass i want this week to end already and just wake up from the dream im really sad because as some of you know one of my best friends is moving to DC to be with her love im really happy for her like extreamly happy for her but at the same time so sad because its gonna be so long till i get to see her again im acctually crying right now cause i already miss her even though shes not there yet but yeah so that made my week pretty shitty as if it wasnt already shitty enough my brother might have to go to juvy because he got caught with alcohol and hes on probation and well im sad for other reasons that i cant really say right now but in time i shall express them. i cant wait till next weekend though because i get to visit my friend sophie for her birthday and im really excited about it but i just have to get money to get a train ticked speaking of which im gonna call the lady i babysit for and ask her if she would like for my to babysit anyways I MISS CYNDI!!!!

2002-12-12 15:07:18 ET

Dont worry, I'm gonna take good care of her!!

2002-12-12 15:08:43 ET

you know im going to miss you like crazy little're gonna come visit me too :)

i love you amy! dont worry, dont cry its ok.

2002-12-12 15:38:28 ET

Dont worry sweetie. That entry sounds like it was said in one breath :-)

2002-12-13 22:05:20 ET

yeah i hope that you'll take good care of her cause she loves you a lot and it's just gonna be hard with out her for awhile cyndi im so happy that i got to see you this morning i was pretty sad all day that you were gone but im happy that you followed your heart and you did something that makes you happy

2002-12-14 04:16:19 ET

:) you know ill miss you like crazy!! and ill call you and give you the address so we can write eachother :) love ya little girl!

2002-12-15 09:42:58 ET

tight shit yes then i can send you like packages and shit like that oh and your 20bucks

2002-12-15 16:32:54 ET

hehe okies...

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