Fryday the 13th!!!!
2002-12-13 22:16:02 ET

today was awful. first one of my best friends left and im pretty sad about it but im always very happy for her. the second thing that happened today was my mom went fucking nuts!!! like my friends came over cause we were planning on partying tonight but then my mom wouldnt let me out because it was raining so that sucked and then my friends left cause we decided ok well if i cant go anywhere they can get the stuff and we can just chill in my room and do whatever so they did that and then when they came back my mom went so crazy like they came in and we were just hanging out like we were smoking or drinking or anything even though they got the stuff but like my brothers friends went outside and then some of my friends went too and like my mom thought that i left and when i came inside she made all my friends go outside and told them to leave and then she started yelling at me for no reason she just was going off aobut nothing and then she locked my brother out of the house and when he found a way to get back in the house my mom started yelling at him and then he left to go tell his friends to leave cause she called the cops for no reason and then he was trying to find his friend to give him his book but he was gone and then the cops came over to my house and my mom said that there were some teenagers loitering around the neighborhood and then about 15min later when i was trying to go to bed my brother knocked on my window and i was talking to him through the screen and told him how my mom was going crazy and then he tried to find his friends to see if they were gonna come back but they didnt so i let him in without my mom knowing and then when he went to my moms room they started arguing for like a half and hour and i was just laying in my room listening then after they were done arguing my brother came into my room and we were talking about what happened and whats been happening and just how we need to make things work out and shit and it was just a really good conversation and then i peiced a stoge with him and now were kinna drinking to ease the pain of what happened to us tonight. shit usually nothing bad ever happens to me on fryday the 13th but i guess i should've knocked on wood had i known this was gonna happen maybe that could've saved me from this i dunno when i was arguing with my mom beforei let my brother in she was talkingabout sending me to live with my dad and i really hope that it doesnt happen but in a way i hope it does i dunno fuck today and everything that happened!!!!

2002-12-14 04:21:11 ET

im sorry :( thats totally shitty!!! you know even though im far away im still always here to talk to you!

2002-12-15 09:42:17 ET

yeah i know i hope that you guys are having a good time!!!

2002-12-15 16:33:32 ET

we are :)

im really really happy. its like a dream come true to me..and you're gonna come visit as soon as you can! :)

2002-12-16 15:00:35 ET

your god damn right i am once i get a job and some fucking money

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