Rainy Daze!!!
2002-12-15 09:50:55 ET

yesterday was so much fun oh my god. like i went to the mall with my friend alex because it was raining and we had nothing else better to do so we thought alright lets go to the mall. so we went there and he got a really cool tool shirt and then we walked to 711 and it was pouring rain it was raining so hard and we were so wet. we went to 711 to get a pack and then we decided to take the bus to my house. when we got on the bus we called my friend clark to see what he was doing and we went to his house got some drink and then we came back to my house because my mom went to a party so we were sitting in my dinning room playing games for some fade and then my brothers friends came over and my friend damien came over it was great i got so trashed i was seeing double but it was cool cause i didnt yak or anything and like my mom came home like 30min after everyone left which was cool and like my mom was all like have you been drinking i was all no and then like her boyfriend was all yeah hun thats probobly us that smell like alcohol and then like i talked to my moms boy friend for hella days and then i was starting to fall asleep on the couch so i got up and went to my room and like 10min later my mom comes in and shes like i dont want you to bring alex to the house anymore because everytime your with him you get stoned and i dont like him and i was like what the fuck are you talking about i swear my mom always thinks im stoned when im not shes a fucking moron anyways then she came back 5 min later and was all you want to go to denny's and i was like god no cause if i would've eaten anything i would've yaked but yeah i got up this morning and oh my god i woke up to the worst head ache of my life it was so bad but it went away after i ate and took a shower but yeah so in 5min i have to go babysit damn i dunno if i can hang with those kids with a hangover oh god

2002-12-16 05:57:28 ET

man o man..what an adventure there..but remember amy..i told you to not talk to much about you getting drunk and what not..just be careful thats all..

anyways im gonna PM you the addy here so you can write and what not.

2002-12-16 14:59:11 ET

yeah yeah i know ill try and keep it on the d/l

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