At the School Library!!
2002-12-17 08:29:36 ET

yeah its brunch time right now and i decided to come to the library because its too fucking cold out side and its raining and my feet are freezing and im hungry and uhhh today sucks ass hole but yeah anyways i get to see alex today and i get to see the awesome pictures that he took last week and im excited cause he took one of this really cool guy named dirty mark i came up with that nickname hahahaha like hes cute but he'd be better looking if he didnt look so damn dirty but yeah theres a lot of asian people in the library hahaha cyndi i love and miss you

2002-12-17 09:28:54 ET

i love and miss you too!!

right now im trying to see if they have cheap movie theatres so aaron and i can go see a cheap movie :) hes gonna let me drive his car one of these days...vroom vroom..hahaha.

2002-12-17 14:53:23 ET

tight shit cool what what movie are you kids going to see?

2002-12-17 15:39:05 ET

well we decided to go tomorrow..either 8 crazy nites..or lord of the rings 2, most likey lord of the rings 2...tonite im watching the first lord of the rings so ill understand the 2 one.

2002-12-18 19:34:35 ET

aww i see yeah dude i acctually thought that the movie was gonna be hella boring and suck but oh my god i was fucking wrong its so good but yeah i herd 8 crazy nights kinna sucks i herd that from chris winn but everyone has there own opinions

2002-12-19 05:26:50 ET

true true..well we ended up seeing the movie called "the hot chick" with Rob something.

2002-12-21 08:15:51 ET

yeah i herd that that movie was hella funny i dunno ill probobly wait till it comes out on video cause it look kinna gay so i figure why waste 8 bucks to see that shit when i could rent it for 3

2002-12-21 15:46:09 ET

true, yea wait. or till it comes out in the cheap movie theaters for 3 bucks

2002-12-22 08:46:31 ET

yeah or that too

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