2002-12-18 19:41:29 ET

School still sucks my moms still a bitch im still in love with someone i cant have so umm life still sucks and nothings new!

2002-12-19 05:33:53 ET

and who would this person be??

2002-12-21 08:14:58 ET

take a guess its pretty obvious oh and its not alex

2002-12-21 15:47:19 ET

tim? i dunno.

2002-12-22 08:45:59 ET

no silly its not tim is CHRIS you know sexy chris winn oh god i have so much shit to tell you about that what happened fryday and saturday night oh shit

2002-12-22 14:34:21 ET

alrighty gonna have to call you soon.

2002-12-22 15:12:35 ET

yes yes my moms you must call me pretty soon i have lots to tell you but yeah i miss you

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