At chris's house
2002-12-22 15:21:13 ET

so yesterday my mom gave me like 50 bucks to go get christmas gifts so i went to the mall with laura got what i needed really fast and then got the fuck out of there anyways we met up with alex at the mall and then we took the bus to valco mall to see if we could take a picture with santa but we didnt have enough money for the pictures so maybe tomarrow we'll go anyways then we went to wendys and alex got a kids meal so that i could have the ET toy i was so happy then we were waiting at the bus stop and i called chris to see what he was doing and him and damien were playing video games and then yeah they called us like 15min later and alex left cause he was gonna go to the movies and then me and laura walked to chirs's and we of course started d*i*k*n* and they smoked like a lot of buds and got really elevated and i just got pretty faded and then yeah so i was making out with chris for ever and then he kinna went up and then he went down but he was to ruff with his fingers so i made him stop i mean yeah anyways im suppose to go fade with them tonight but i cant cause my brother and my nephew are coming tonight dammit but yeah so thats what happened last night and yeah he left a hicky on my neck hahaha its cool but i just dont want my brother to see it my mom already saw it and just laughed but yeah anyways i love chris!!!!!

2002-12-22 16:06:15 ET

hehehe cute.

2002-12-22 18:31:42 ET

if i were you..dont talk AT all about you drinking(till your 21) or getting elevated or anything. people are getting kicked off.

just anything illegal for that fact.

2002-12-25 19:20:57 ET

well shit what the fuck else am i gonna talk about i mean shit thats all i pretty much do :) hahaha

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