2002-12-25 19:32:30 ET

christmas was pretty fucking cool i got so much cool shit... i got a dvd player, a cd burner, socks which i really really needed, a new fone for my room, so much fucking money and hella gift cards to sick ass places but yeah so that was great and hmm oh i got to go see my brother in rehab today that was always fun hahaha but yeah it sucks his hot roomate wasnt there DAMN!!!! oh well anyways i get to see chris tomarrow im so fucking happy i havent seen him in 3days and i need to see him anyways yeah me and laura are gonna go to the mall hella early so we dont have to stay there for hella dayz and were gonna get what not and then were gonna meet up with chris and damien and kick it with them and well i bet you can guess the idea of what were gonna do hint* something to do with my name anyways so yeah ill tell all aobut that tomarrow MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!!!

2002-12-26 03:10:15 ET

awww im glad you had a good xmas.

2002-12-26 05:37:52 ET

p.s i took this just for you Amy!

2002-12-27 12:11:23 ET

dammit your picture that you put up wouldnt show up dammit this is gay but anyways yeah i hope you guys had a good christmas ehh ill probobly read about it

2002-12-28 13:02:11 ET

go to that link to see pictures.

2002-12-28 23:10:45 ET

alright cool

2002-12-28 23:13:30 ET

dude thats a fucking cool picture that you took where it says hi amy in the snow thats fucking awesome dude aarons dog is hella cute

2002-12-29 07:24:18 ET

yea that picture is just for you :)

2002-12-31 23:41:22 ET

rgith on dude yuou need too call me soon anyways tty l bye

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