bad day yesterday
2002-12-27 12:18:43 ET

yesterday was a pretty bad day!!! for the past 3 days me and laura have been looking forward to seeing our men so we called up damien yesterday and told him to meet us at the park around 2 he didnt show up and so we called his house he wasnt there so we thought ok maybe hes a chris's house we called chris and he wasnt there and chris said that when damien comes back that they'll come down and meet up with us so i was like alright and then it was starting to get kinna late and laura had to go home and so we just ended up saying fuck it and laura was really sad because damien leaves today for virgina and she didnt get to say good bye to him and she was pretty pissed about that and well even though mine isnt leaving i was pretty sad cause i couldnt see him... its so weird about me and chris its like we've been hella good friends for almost 3 years and like i told him how i felt about him and i dont know if maybe hes just messing around with me to get some or if he really does have something for me... i dunno i wish i knew!!! but i hope today will be a good one cause i told laura that im gonna take her to the TOWER MUSIC and get her something and then were gonna meet up with some people and well do what we always do on a fryday night but yeah i hope that mabye i can see him tonight

2002-12-27 14:57:17 ET

awwww...that sucks ass.

have you've been hanging out with Alex, i havent heard you talk about him for a bit.

2002-12-28 23:09:56 ET

yeah i hung out with him that day i was suppose to see chris and i hung out with him tonight of course we did our usual thing you know how that goes hahaha

2002-12-29 07:25:10 ET

hehehe thats cool :)

2002-12-31 23:35:18 ET

yeah dude i hung out with him tonighrt i mean he had the flu but his mom said that he w9ould come out of the hous for a while anyways i need to finish eating and go to bed it alromost 2happy new years lter

2003-01-01 02:26:48 ET

happy new year to you too

2003-01-01 23:52:55 ET

yes indeed lets hope this year will be better than the last

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