cant sleep i have a stomach ache!!
2002-12-28 23:18:26 ET

damn i always have fucking stomach aches uhh this shit sucks well its not really a stomach ache is more of a uncomfortable feeling i dunno how to describe anyways like i dunno if people out there who read this but do you ever get like that feeling in your throat not in your stomach but in your throat that your gonna yak but its just acid reflex uhh i have that shit right now and im drinking hella water so ill burp and it'll go away well thats what usually works for me anyways i did the usual thing today you know what i always do my passion and we went to carls jr and i ate so fucking much maybe thats why my tummy feels funny damn that fast food shit it always fucks with my stomach oh well it'll eventually go away shit at least it doesnt hurt as bad as when i have yak on the box (jack in the box) anyways yeah i get to see my brother in rehab im so happy its gonna be so great to see my brother it sucks cause like i dunno when hes around i hate it but when hes not around i hate it too i dunno i miss him and i miss chris too i need to see that kid pretty fucking soon i should call his ass up tomarrow when i get back hmm hope my tummy ache goes away so i can sleep

2002-12-29 07:36:26 ET

your brother just has that special trait. hate/love.

2002-12-31 23:32:48 ET

yeah dude i know anywhoo you bess call my fat ass up soon dude chris liike s my ass hahahaha yay dud its so cool anywa later

2003-01-01 02:27:30 ET

i will as soon as i can

2003-01-01 23:51:33 ET

tight shit you know i just realized like i dunno the way things were typed from last night i was pretty messed up

2003-01-02 05:35:26 ET

yea i know :)

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