2002-12-31 23:46:19 ET

this new years was so great i mean i got to hang out with samir and jonathan and laura and chris winn and chris hill and clark and i cant forget wishcracks anyways i ditched going to san fran to stay with chris and it was cool i mean he got relaly messed up so that he could barly move but yeah i got to get kissed like 3min afterthe ball dropped cauese thats when chrsi came out of the bathroon anywaysthis new years was thbe best my mom still not home which is cool i wish that chris could've spent the night but oh well maybe ill ravage him tomarrow anyways to who evers out there and reads this happy fucking new years its 2003 its time to start a new life all over again later oh i almost forgot I LOVE CHRIS!!!!!

2003-01-01 05:26:58 ET

awwww im glad you had such a good time! happy new year to you too hun!!

yup 2003 will be my year. started off with a kiss at midnite :)

just cuz 3 is my lucky number. so 2003 will be my year.

i miss you like crazy little one!

2003-01-01 23:50:12 ET

yeah i know dude i was talking with people today and like i was all i miss cyndi and alex was like yeah i miss her too damn you i have to wait so fucking long till i get to see you (SHAKES FIST)

2003-01-02 05:37:22 ET

hehehe no worries :)

2003-01-04 19:32:15 ET

yeah dude were hella gonna kick it this summer cause i think i might have a car by then oh yeah now i can drive your ass around hahahaha

2003-01-04 19:33:06 ET

hahahaha funny funny SHOT GUN!!

2003-01-04 19:35:31 ET

well your damn right

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