2003-01-01 23:59:20 ET

yes kids i am up once again because i cant sleep from tummy ache but its not as bad as it is some nights but anyways last night my mom called me around 2 and was like yeah im not coming home and i was like alright and i was pretty messed up so i stayed up will 530 in the morning so i wouldnt yak or anything anywyas and like i would fall asleep and then i would wake up to the tv and for like 3 hours they were showing infomercails on girls gone wild it was fucking strange and then like finally i jsut said fuck it and went to bed i got up this morning around 1130 and yeah i tried to go to sleep like 15min ago but everyway taht i tried to sleep didnt work like i just felt kind of funny and like i dunno my head feels kind of strange too but thats maybe cause i havent gotton that much sleep but i think im gonna go pee and then try and head back to sleep

2003-01-02 05:41:18 ET

hahaha Aaron has a girls gone wild type.

2003-01-04 19:25:29 ET

oh sweet jesus thats crazy hahahaha funny though

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