Such a happy day and i dont know why??
2003-01-07 20:14:26 ET

i dont know why but today was just one of the best days i mean nothing special happened it was just really fucking cool but yeah i dont know its strange because its like i should be stressing about hella shit i mean like i have to study for my finals cause there next week and like im kinna stressed about that but its like i dunno i just dont really care to think about it and like i should be like stressing about how like my brothers gone and how much i miss him and shit like that and how like i cant have the guy that i love so much and damn thats like that one thing thats been hella pissing me off but its like when im around him i cant like be sad at all and i was so happy that i got to kick it with him for a while after school oh i was so happy god he just makes me feel so strange inside i swear i have never ever felt this way about anyone in my whole life but yeah so im listening to a pretty old song and i bet cyndis gonna make fun of me for listening to this but hey dude this person does have some pretty cool music im listening to 1999 by PRINCE dude he's the shit but yeah anyways uhh cant wait till this weekend cause im gonna party like its 1999 with that beautiful boy i like to call chris!!! aww i love him!!! <3

2003-01-08 04:20:16 ET

hehehehe i sing along to Prince to...shhhhhhhh!

2003-01-08 14:25:19 ET

hehehehehe damn right G

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