sucky day
2003-01-17 22:27:14 ET

yeah so my mom found out that i came home hella late and shit so i got grounded for today but i think that shes pretty chill about letting me out the rest of the week which is cool im so happy i get to see my brother on sunday finally i havent seen him in 2 weeks and it sucks cause i wanna talk to him so bad but yeah anyways yeah i got into a huge arguement with my ex boyfriend joe because like im moving on and he still hasnt even though he says that he has but i can tell that he hasnt because he'll always bring up like how things are going with me and chris and shit and like how we never hang out and shit like that it just bugs me but yeah i hope tomarrow will be a better day cyndi my child i miss you so damn much and i hope that you get my letter but yeah im listening to janis joplin and she fucking rocks but yeah peace out

2003-01-18 07:16:25 ET

awwww...i miss you too!! no day ill be back :)

2003-01-19 09:21:44 ET

true true

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