being sick sucks
2003-01-19 09:27:45 ET

so yeah chris was sick on thursday when i messed around with him and like i didnt really care if i got sick but anyways oh my god yesterday it hit me so bad when i got home like i was alright for the first 20min when i got home and then like i was freezing and i started running a fever and oh my god it sucked so much and then like i fell asleep and then i kept waking up in the middle of the night because i was so uncomfortable when i was sleeping and now my whole body aches and i have a fucking headache i cant breath out my nose and i just want to pass out damn you chris for getting me sick oh well in a way it was some what worth it but fuck i wanted to continue where we left off on thursday tomarrow and now i cant cause im fucking sick dammit dammit dammit oh well it just means that this is a sign and the timeing isnt right yet anyways im gonna go make some tea maybe that'll help my throat

2003-01-19 10:04:15 ET

tea is yummy :) im sorry your sick. feel better soon :)

2003-01-23 13:52:29 ET

yes indeedtea is yummy but yeah i hope that i get better soon because im so tired of coughing and fucking that damn runny nose and shit it sucks

2003-01-23 15:07:53 ET

and you're still smoking stogs huh?

2003-01-24 19:30:35 ET

yeah but i hella cut down like at first it was 1 then 2 and then none and then it went back to 1 then 2 and now that im feeling hella i mean hella better its back down to however many i decide to smoke but yeah im hella tired (hint hint)on what made me so tired its green!!!

2003-01-25 04:27:02 ET

lol silly. Alex finally got an account on here.

2003-01-25 20:06:38 ET

yeah i know yay!!!

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