alright day
2003-01-25 20:11:26 ET

today was alright i was suppose to hang out with chris and some people but chris kinna ditched me for a show it was cool though cause like he felt really bad about it and he said that we'll hang out tomarrow but oh well and then like i just mostly hung out at the park with some friends and just chilled it was pretty cool it was hella funny when people were making fun of daller its not acctually his real name but thats how he use to day dollar so yeah it was funny and then when rehawn made up this little rap about mischa that was pretty funny too but yeah today was just a pretty chill day i acctually came home really early at a decent time hahahaha it sucks im still a little sick but not as bad as i was a couple days ago so thats cool

2003-01-25 21:29:34 ET

you use NO punctuation. *_*

2003-01-26 06:50:30 ET

i miss our sundays..and today is sunday. waaaaaa.

im getting sick myself...and i got damn cold sores..cuz i was at work..and i went outside to smoke a cigarette and it was 17 degrees outside...than i went back in a nice warm my cold sore broke out..which sucks ass...blahh!!

2003-01-28 13:34:32 ET

aww that hella sucks yeah i have a cold sore too but i dont know from what? yeahi hella miss our sundays too :( but yeah my b-days coming up im really excited cause my moms gonna get me some new shoes and shes gonna get me some vans and a pair of blue doc's which is fucking awesome

2003-01-28 13:35:23 ET

kick ass!!

2003-01-28 13:35:31 ET

my broken promise- yeah i know i just write in a hurry and dont really care about punctuation hahaha

2003-01-30 11:11:39 ET


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