2003-01-31 19:34:45 ET

today was pretty cool it was hella funny clark was jacking from pack n' save and while in the process of jacking he broke was he got and it spilled all over the floor hahaha which sucks but we still kinna got what we wanted later anyways so i got to see chris before i go to fresno i should've kissed him before i left him but i wasnt thinking anyways we chilled at the park for hella days and then my friend dave gave some of use a ride to in n' out holy shit it was so good i was so hungry and then we came back to the park and chilled with some more people and then me krysta and daller left and went to the gas station and got some more food causee we were hella hungry and then me and daller came back to the park and saw one of my brothers friends and he gave me a ride home and well thats where im at and i think that im gonna watch some tv and pass out maybe call some people when my mom leaves and have them chillhere

2003-01-31 19:50:59 ET

fun fun.

p.s. Aaron and I finally got a cell phone. so ill call you soon!

2003-02-01 09:28:32 ET

O my god amy u have to call me, i saw dirty mark last night and he was shroomin and i have to tell u the story it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhahahahahah he had some ghetto bike he told me he stole it from some chick and he spray painted it all ghetto and when we were walking alone the railroad tracks he threw it in the bushes and was like "Fuck this shit" aahahha it was sooo great.

2003-02-04 14:35:08 ET

cynd-thats hella cool but yeah dude the other letter i sent to you came back so i think that im just gonna start sending them with aarons name on them alright

alex- hahaha thats hella funny yeah ill try and call you as soon as i can

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