chill ass weekend
2003-03-03 14:55:35 ET

so yeah fryday sucked cause my mom was like yeah februarys not over so you cant go out and i was like what the fuck but yeah that was all kinds of retarted but saturday was so fun i went to lauras house and we went to some guy named dirty steves house and yes he is very dirty and like we were suppose to see a fight but the guy didnt show up so we called up alex and we went out on a hunt to find him (oh yeah alex broke 3 bones in his foot so that sucks for him, his friend richard ran over his foot) so we met his friend john at jakes pizza and yeah so we went to johns house chilled there and just hung out and did other stuff and that was cool it was so chill and fun and yeah then i went home and then on sunday i went to my friend amandas house and we watched the rules of attraction i fucking love that movie i like the way it was filmed and then we went to the goodwill and i jacked a tank top and she jacked hella shirts and a dress and 2 tapes for me which were THE PHARCYDE for my brother and THE CURE for me which is a hella sick tape because its them live and it has all my favorite songs on it so that was cool and yeah today was alright i was so happy to see chris cause i hadnt seen him since fryday and i was happy and yeah so im just chillin and i found someone who has the same hat as me which is hella chill so now me and BLU PHREAK are the poor boy hat brothas so thats chill and yeah PUBLIC ENEMY rocks hahaha

2003-03-03 14:56:58 ET

w0000!! Poor Boy Hat Brothas RULE ALL!! lol...

2003-03-03 14:59:51 ET

awww i loved that hat!

2003-03-03 15:00:05 ET


2003-03-03 15:01:58 ET

did you see the pictures of the drunken boys on my page?

2003-03-03 15:05:54 ET

no not yet but i will deffinently check that out right now dude you remember when i wore my hat like BLU"S to your graduation damn i havent worn that hat in hella long

2003-03-03 15:07:03 ET

hahaha yea...i liked that you liked my old man hat.

2003-03-03 15:07:16 ET

haha.. those pics are great!!

2003-03-03 15:09:12 ET

damn right that old man hat rocked i should've jacked that shit from you before you left hahaha

2003-03-03 15:10:00 ET

hahahaha fuck nah...i still wear that hat..theres a picture in my journal of me and aaron and im wearing that old man hat.

2003-03-03 15:11:35 ET

hahaha tight yeah chris thinks my poor boy hat is funny looking

2003-03-03 15:12:40 ET

hahaha well humm hes funny looking..hah.

2003-03-03 15:14:16 ET

yeah i know but i still love him

2003-03-03 15:17:03 ET

i know

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