Grounded yet again!!!
2003-03-18 16:19:52 ET

yeah so got off of being grounded and what do i do i get grounded again for the rest of the school year because my bro had a party and yeah my mom came home and yeah lets just say i got into hella trouble for something anyways before that happened a lot of stuff happened me and my love (CHRIS) are finally together which took some time but we talked about what was going on with us and i just basically asked me what the deal was with us if we were together or not and he was like yeah i guess we are and i was like well thats fine with me but anyways this weekend was hella fun till i got into trouble but anyways i went to san fran on saturday and i got some really cool sunglasses which my friend 5 finger discounted i know its bad but oh well and i got a fucking awesome OP IVY poster its so sick but yeah cyndi i got your packages and i like the E.T. thing but his finger doesnt light up but its chill cause actually i already had one that alex got me but i still love it and i havent listened to your cd because i lost it cause my brother was like doing something in my room and it was on my bed and know i dont know where it is but ill find it and listen and think of you everytime i listen to it but yeah so thank you and i miss you!!!! but yeah umm you must call soon so i can tell you some stuff!!!

2003-03-19 03:05:09 ET

damn little girl..grounded again...well hopefully you'll get off of that soon and it really wont be for the rest of the year :)

yea i know the ET thing didnt light up but i thought you might like it anyways.

did you like the picture that came with the CD?? hehehe...

well im glad you liked the packages, and i will call you soon. im in Mississippi right now so i'll call you when i get free minutes on my phone.

2003-03-19 19:33:13 ET

tight shit yeah i liked that picture im gonna take it out of the thing and put it up on my wall next to a pic of you i have on my wall but yeah i finally got devins digits so here it is (408)439-7320 alright yes

2003-03-20 11:56:32 ET

thank you much, i shall call him :)

2003-03-20 16:51:16 ET

cool beans!!! i bet he'll be happy to hear from you

2003-03-20 19:02:10 ET

yea, havent talked to that punk ass in awhile.

2003-03-21 18:31:25 ET

yeah hes so silly he came up to me today and was like amy i love a sister of course hehehe hes so funny and then i gave him a hug and asked if you called him yet and he said no

2003-03-21 21:42:53 ET

nope not yet...havent had time yet :( sorry.

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