YAY!!! i can bring two of my friends!!!
2003-03-27 19:22:30 ET

to understand my subject you had to have watched crank yankers last week it was hella funny and ever since i saw that episode ive had this quote stuck in my head. but anyways this week has been strange like i didnt go to my math class on monday or tuesday andthen on wednesday i apologized to my teacher for calling her a bitch and shit and so now me and her are chill i just keep my distance from her. but yeah yesterday this guy named scott like we were at 711 just chillin and then he picked up this big ass battery and he trew it accross the street and he hit the back of a car and broke the back window. it was hella funny but it was so fucked up and then like the old people that he brokes window came out and started picking up the glass but they didnt know who did it cause scott hella ran after she say it shatter. but yeah i hope that my mom has forgotton why im grounded and i can go out this weekend cause my friend invited me to the beach and i really want to go cause i love the beach and i havent been in a long time and i really need to get my pasty ass tanned. but yeah i was happy i got to talk to my good friend alex i havent talked to him in a long time i hella miss him!!! :( hopefully he gets off of being grounded soon. but yeah i washed my cat the other day so his furr is now very soft and no longer reaks of urine. mmm so thats been pretty much my week oh yeah my boyfriend cut is hair and i really wish that he didnt cause it looked really good long but oh well he always wears a beenie anyways so i guess it doesnt really matter... i cant wait for the WEEKEND!!!!!

2003-03-27 19:23:47 ET

lol, yes. Clean smelling cats are a good thing. Urine smelling anything is bad.

2003-03-27 19:35:44 ET

yes indeed i dont even know why in the hell he smelled like that?? but now he smells like strawberries

2003-03-27 19:53:12 ET

Ooooooooohhhh, nummy!

2003-03-27 20:17:02 ET

that crank yankers episode was sooo funny
yay i can see air bud!

2003-03-28 20:01:01 ET

hahahaha yeah i know my friend jeremy kept repeating that one line "YAY i can bring two of my friends" like all week and its been stuck in my head for so long hahaha i like the part when hes all yeah thanks lady and the guys like im a man i dunno it cracked me up and when snoop dogg came on and called the record store and was like "do you like cds or tapes" and the chick was like "cds" and he was all "you'd like to see dez nuts on your mouth" that was great

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