2003-04-05 15:07:52 ET

i got some bad new on thursday. my friend sophie called me and she told me that her mom had died thursday morning. its crazy that her mom died because for the past 2 weeks i have been pretty depressed and i was thinking about death a lot and i just had a feeling that i knew someone was going to die and its strange that her mom died...i sucks so much though cause her mom was such a cool lady she was so nice and she didnt deserve to get cancer and die.... but i hope that i can see sophie during spring break because i know she needs me right now.. i have some more bad news my friend laura went home on thursday morning cause she wasnt feeling good and she didnt some to school on fryday either i finally got to talk to her last night and i asked her what was going on and she wont tell me and im really concerned about her and i hope thats shes ok i just wish that she would talk to me and tell me what was going on cause im sure that she could use a friend right now. and yeah i thought i was off of being grounded cause my mom came up with this new system thing and so i went out yesterday and my moms so gay she only let me out for 2hrs and of course i came home and hour later but thats because i missed my bus so now im grounded again i swear she needs to get over herself trying to control me and keeping me home all the time.. she needs to let me have more freedom..

2003-04-05 15:23:10 ET

It's curious how not even death can stop the world from spinning, it's sad and intruiging at the same time, I feel horribly for your friend's mother, and I hope things work out.

2003-04-06 12:52:54 ET

yeah me too!

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