2003-04-06 19:43:08 ET

im so excited i got the job and i start training tomarrow... im so happy cause now i can finally make some money and i can get my cell fone turned back on.....hahahahahaha (EXCELLENT)

2003-04-06 20:16:57 ET

first job? you go miss! now you can make the punk-est pizzas around ;)

2003-04-07 16:21:56 ET

hahahaha yeah its my first job but i wont be making pizzas ill be answering the phones and working the cash register

2003-04-07 20:22:33 ET

good stuff. when i got my first job i thought i was rollin in money ... but hey, if you enjoy yer job, the moneys not that big a deal right? ;)

2003-04-08 18:47:48 ET

w00t go amy. she can pay me back! teehee..

im kidding. but later can save money to come visit me.

i'll help you pay half :)

2003-04-09 13:59:33 ET

rebel- true true im hope i like my job my first day was yesterday and i was so confused but my manager was hella chill he was like yeah i dont expect you to know all of this but in time you i will i was so releaved when he said that

cyndi- yeah dude i hella wanna save up some money and go visit you i hella miss you i wish that you and aaron would move here

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