i think i might be sick???
2003-05-08 19:32:25 ET

yeah i think that i might be sick cause last night before i went to bed my throat started to hurt but i just thought that it was dry so i drank some water and it didnt go away so i thought ok maybe by tomarrow it'll be gone but it wasnt it got worse and it hurts hella bad except it stopped hurting for like 2 sec when i was eating some pasta but yeah i hate the birth control that im on it makes me so depressed and it makes me really bitchy like any little thing will piss me off like my b/f was talking to me and i would just like roll my eyes at him and like i dunno just act like a real bitch to him but i dunno im not at all like that ever and i really dont like what this shit is doing to me but my friend marina told me that i should just wait a month cause my body is still getting use to it and see if anything changes and if not then i should try something else buti dunno i kinna dont want to have sex anymore i think its because i dont think that im really ready for it and i think that i should've saved it i dunno i want school to be over already i am just really getting tired of everything going on and im getting tired of everyone i dunno i dont really even feel like going out this weekend i just dont even feel like hanging out wiht my friends at all im just getting sick of them i mean sure i like being with my friends but sometimes their just so fucking immature that i want to just smack them and i dunno i was talking to my brother about it and he said that im acting like this because im starting to grow up and that im growing up faster than my friends are and he said that the same thing happened to him when he was a sophmore but i dunno i just really need to get out of here and get away from everyone here and everything here i just need a HUGE CHANGE!!!

2003-05-08 19:34:08 ET

hmmm.. it could be mono!!!

2003-05-08 19:37:29 ET

hahaha i dont think so i think it might just be a cold

2003-05-08 19:40:25 ET

lol... just a warning... cause i had it all of last week... and my throat hurt really bad.. so yeah!

2003-05-08 19:41:20 ET

oh shit that hella sucks

2003-05-08 19:42:29 ET


2003-05-09 20:30:34 ET

damn dude i dont know what it is but i told my b/f that i was sick and he told me to take some tra-flu i dunno i think im gonna take it tomarrow casue im not suppose to mix it witht higns

2003-05-10 06:10:54 ET

you know you can always come here.

2003-05-10 17:46:31 ET

yeah i knwo but you know how much shit i would get if i ever went that far

2003-05-10 18:00:22 ET

i know. hurry up and be 18. or hurry up and come visit me or something :)

2003-05-13 14:24:05 ET

yeah i know dude i would come but that only time that i can is august and there would really be no point in that because your gonna be down here anyways oh dude did you get my letter cause i sent you one

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