2003-06-09 21:11:49 ET

this weekend was so chill like i guess on fryday my boss called and said that i didnt have to work but i showed up cause i didnt get the message and then like i worked for like and hour and a half and then my friend lanell came by and picked me up and then like we went and chilled and then like her friend started freaking out and shit and then like my mom came home and she was hella drunk and so were her friends and like this one irish guy that came over like kissed my hand and shit and i started getting hella freaked out about it but like yeah staurday was so good i went to the beach with lanell, jeremy, and reyhon and yeah it was alright but on our way home we stopped at this one place in los gatos and we saw this hella sick statue of the devil but like where his dick is suppose to be like theirs a lions face its crazy but yeah and then me and lanell went to my house and grubbed on hella good bbq and then we went and picked up kenny and i was so excited that i got to chill with him and like we went to reyhons and chilled and then we went to lanells and hung out there and we did some stuff that i cant mentioned or else ill get kicked off of here and i really dont want that to happen but yeah we were watching the discovery channel and like their was this thing called monster garage and like we watched that for hella days and then we watched american gladiators and that was freaky shit and like yeah it was cool cause like me and kenny made out and that was hell sick shit and then sunday was so awesome like i went to work and that sucked but then i went to my friend daniells house and we chilled it was sick her house is so chill and like yeah that was that and then today i hung out with lanell after school and we went to toys r' us and we were playing around with hella crazy shit and it was chill and they had these sick ass boxing gloves that look like the hulks hands and shit their so awesome when i get paid im hella gonna get them and box laura but yeah tomarrow im suppose to hang out with kenny i really hope that that happens cause like i like hanging out with him he can make me laugh for days its great but yeah i hope that i dont bomb my bio final (keeps fingers crossed and knocks on wood)

2003-06-09 22:19:28 ET


2003-06-10 05:36:26 ET

oh my god.

do you ever read your entries over again :)

you sound like a valley girl..hehe..

2003-06-11 19:29:11 ET

hahahahahaha whatever i dont GIVE A FUCK!!! hahaa

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