2003-06-15 22:12:59 ET

HOLY SHIT! last night was so fucking funn... so ok yesterday my brother and my sister in law and my nephew came up to visit and i guess my brother was going to go to a show in santa cruz and i asked who was playing and it was the dropkick murphys and i was like fuck i have to take the day off and go to this shit... so i called in sick and we went to santa cruz and we chilled for hella days like they didnt even come on till like 10:30 11ish but it was cool cause like i was just chillin with my brothers friends and i got to see the white man (hes one of my bros friends that i would love to get with if he wasnt so old) but yeah so when they finally came on i just went nuts dude you dont even know like i was hella moshing and shit and i got up on stage 6 times and i started like humping the guitar player and shit it was so chill and i found some hat on the ground and i jacked that shit up and like this hella hot random guy like started talking to me and shit and like we were hella chilling together and then ike after the show he asked me for my number but i didnt have a pen and shit and then like he was all i can remeber it so i gave it to him but im sure he forgot it but then i gave him like a fat ass hug and i was about to leave and then he grabbed my arm and kissed me on the check it was hella sweet and like i was chilling in the bathroom cause their were hella people smoking stoges in their and so thats where i went to smoke cause you couldnt leave the place like go in and out and shit so like i met hella cool chicks and shit and i hung out with them and it was just a hella fun night but today oh my god my body hurts so bad like my shoulders and my neck hurt so bad and i have this fat ass bruise on my shin from climbing up on stage and shit but it was hella worth it

2003-06-16 15:49:03 ET

all i am going to say it.

i hate you!

2003-06-16 20:20:10 ET

dude see this kind of shit is why you should've left me cause you could've been their dude it was so fun but if it makes you feel better i was thinking about you the whole time and wishing you could've been their

2003-06-17 04:05:12 ET

its ok :) yea i really miss being there.

and thanks :) it does make me feel better :D

2003-06-24 17:24:45 ET

good im glad that it does hehehehe :) oh yeah sophies here and she says hi

2003-06-25 06:42:09 ET

hi sophie!

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