oh my god what a good week
2003-06-24 17:47:44 ET

ok so last week my friend sophie called me at like 10:30pm this was on a monday and she was like yeah dude im going to san fran to visit my friend but hes not picking up his cell phone so were coming to see you so i was like ok whatever she was with two of her friends (TURBO and MATT)but anyways so they came to chill and i asked my mom if i could go back with her to fresno and she suprisingly said ok you can go so i was like score so we went to san fran but my mom doesnt know this and we went to see her friend willow and yeah we hung out with him and then we were gonna go back to fresno but we were going over the bay bridge and sophie blew her clutch out so we had to wait for a tow-truck but while we were waiting for the tow truck the cops came and like then 20min later the tow truck came and the tow truck guy was like yeha i can only take two people in my car so two of you have to ride with the police so me and matt rode with them and they took us to a dennys and this is like around 5 in the morning on tuesday so we ate and then we walked to the holiday inn and the rooms their were hella exspensive and we only had like 50bucks between all of use and so we were like fuck we need to get to a hotel and sleep so we asked a driver guy that worked at the holiday inn if he would give us a ride to the nearest cheap hotel and he was like yeah ill do it for 10 bucks so we were like ok whatever so we went to this hotel called the comfort in in oakland and the room was 40bucks even and so we finally got to sleep and then later that afternoon we woke up and we had like 2 bucks in change and so i got some chips and hawiian punch and so we chilled but we needed money so sophie called her dad and he wired us 100 bucks so that was cool and then so wednesday comes around and the car is finally done so yeah during the the time in oak town i was getting to know this guy named matt but ill get into that later anyways so on our way back to fresno we stopped in los banos and we did a dine n' ditch and it was sick but yeah then when we got to fresno we went to the playas pad and chilled then we went to sophies and then snuck out and went to the playas pad again and for the next two nights we did that and i got to know matt really really well and i like matt alot i mean a lot but yeah so i came home to sunnyvale on saturday with sophie so shes been here for a while which is chill but she leaving tomarrow and uhh i started summer school yesterday its acctually pretty chill but yeah so hmmm that was my exciting week and im so happy sophies dad didnt tell my mom about the oakland thing hahahahahaha SHE DOESNT KNOW SHIT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

2003-06-24 18:18:33 ET

Its always good to keep stuff from your parents, as long as they dont find out, cause then you will be in even more shit than before.

2003-06-24 21:43:14 ET

yeah i know my moms fucking psycho when it comes to me lying to her and shit

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