Santa Cruz (so much fun)
2003-06-29 09:28:16 ET

yesterday i woke up and got this bright idea of going to santa cruz cause it was so fucking hot yesterday. so i asked my mom for 10 bucks so lanell could have some gas money but she gave me 13 which was chill but yeah so we picked up danielle and went. their was hella traffic getting up their but with my add i kept them entertained but yeah like right when we got their we stopped at 711 so lanell could get a soda and me and danielle were just chilling next to the car and some guys started shouting from a hotel accross that street at us and we kept signaling them to come down and talk to us but they wouldnt so we left then we went everywhere trying to find parking cause everyone and their fucking mother was in santa cruz yesterday so we finally found some parking and went down to the beach. me and danielle went in the water but lanell was being gay and wouldnt get in the water but its chill so then we went back to tan and stuff and then these three guys came up and started talking to us forever and then they invited us to dinner so we were like yeah could you give us a ride to our car cause it was hella far from the boardwalk where they were parked so we squeezed into his car and they brought us to our car well they gave us a walky talky so we could follow them to get food and so we started driving down this hill and we lost them then we pulled into this trailer park and turned around and on our way out of the trailer park we saw hella hot guys walking down the street so we hollerd at them and they were like pull over so we pulled into this parking lot and like 8 of them flocked to the car and started talking to us and so we exchanged numbers and they were like yeah come hang out with us later so we were like fo sho.... so when the other guys that were gonna take us out to eat pulled up they saw us talking to the other hotties and got all pissed but they still took us out to eat so we went to dennys and chilled and ate then they were like yeah what are you guys doing later we were like yeah we gotta go home but we really didnt we wanted to hang out with the hotties but yeah so we left them and we called the hotties and we met them at the parking lot where we first met them and then we went crusin down town cause they wanted to pick up on more girls cause they wanted to party with more than 3girls but it waschill they didnt find any so we went back to this guy chris's house and we chilled their with his friend sean cause we lost the other boys and we played foos ball i dont think i spelled it right but oh well anyways then 9:30 rolled around and i had to be home at 10 so we had to leave but it was chill cause sean was like yeah since you know some guys here in santa cruz you should come back and hang out with us and chris was like or we could always come up their and see you which was hella chill it was so great its like why cant we get hottie guys hitting on us like that in sunnyvale i swear cause we were getting hit on all day in santa cruz it was cool I LOVE SANTA CRUZ!!!

2003-06-29 10:43:50 ET

wow.....that's a lot of boys.

2003-06-29 20:55:54 ET

yeah it was a lot of boys but it was cool

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