so...the fun begins.
2005-06-23 21:01:36 ET

Teh first post....what shall it be about?....i don't care, probably not very many people are going to read it anyway....who knows...or cares! tomorrow i'll get up, take my shower, and then i'll head to brads for some starcraftin, and such...or...not i dunno.

2005-06-23 21:05:17 ET

WAY TO GO MAYN! bout if i could jsut get my name changed to deathshroom :(

2005-06-23 21:06:25 ET

shit, i forgot all about target

2005-06-23 21:10:25 ET

awww, poor good luck getting it changed now, i have been trying for like 6 months to get him to change it....i really wanna change my name, so who knwos what will happen.

2005-06-23 21:10:34 ET

Welcome to the world of sk!


2005-06-24 05:10:20 ET

Welcome....BY GOD!

2005-06-24 07:42:49 ET

welcome to subkultures.

2005-06-24 08:26:42 ET

tankies peoples i don't know yet, and also tankies kandess by god. and vi by god. and to bradie-san why don't you just make a new account.....that should take a few years.

2005-06-24 22:45:43 ET

welcome to SK! Have fun!!!!

2005-06-29 19:48:34 ET

welcome to sk! enjoy your stay.

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