ah, and so it ends
2005-06-26 17:04:50 ET

another weekend ends, and...i'm tired as shit. so for right now i'm just going to relax and do absolutely nothing,....yes.

2005-06-26 17:05:34 ET


2005-06-26 17:23:22 ET

noting but starcraft your arse off tonight..and eat..lol sorry i made you walk so far tonight, you said u wanted to so i just thought i would give you a challenge mon el gooch!

2005-06-26 19:23:34 ET

Relaxing and doing nothing is the best part of the week...for me at least.

2005-06-26 22:28:20 ET

sounds like good times. relaxing is the best thing to do imo..sober, drunk, or stoned. hah. im off to sleep myself. later

2005-06-27 06:59:48 ET

yeah a challenge...you know i'm a lazy ass, though i thought i was in better shape than what's her face was lol.

2005-06-27 07:50:38 ET

yeah bullshit, you know she was in better shape then us put together. She kinda got on my nerves a lil ' lets see who can throw farther, lets see who can do this better, or this better' nothing makes me madder then a fit person rubbing it into a non fit persons face. lol

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