ah, another day at the workplace...shoot. me. now.
2005-06-27 07:10:35 ET

so i'm at work now, i discovered that my stuff has been moved next to my supervisor, from what i heard, it's from me lying in the floor and trying to concentrate, see...when you have a cubicle job, there are a lot of sound waves, and i know a lot about them since i do a lot with music, and band and such. anyway, the sound waves interact with each other, and make noise...crappy ughie nasty get away from me noise, which i can't escape because i sit so high in my chair...and i get them all from where i'm 6'4"...yeah teh suck...but anyway, so i lie in the floor to escape them so i can hear my caller better, and what happens but...."JAMES! YOU CAN'T DO THAT! YOU'RE NOT DOING YOUR JOB!" uhm...yes i am, i'm just doing it from the floor, that's all. sometimes i even do some sit ups down there, when a caller rambles...granted i do that out of boredom and i'm in no way in shape but who cares. anyway, so now i'm by the supervisor so i can be 'watched' like a fucking 5 year old....or a middle schooler in detention..wow...i'm being watched. wow...anyway i guess i'll update later when i have something to bitch about. peace out.

2005-06-27 07:49:11 ET

now you fell my pain. Granted i wasnt laying in the floor on a call, but they moved my next to janet before they moved you next to Cyn. It blows man, but just know u have someone in the same building going through the exact same thing. *hugs*

2005-06-27 09:45:14 ET

true, but i asked to be moved over here, but not under these circumstances. all i said was 'if you're moving me move me closer to you.'

2005-06-27 10:04:02 ET

fine, dont give me hugs, see if i care! :P lol

2005-06-27 11:00:39 ET

lol, that's horrible.....Pearson sucks.

2005-06-27 11:06:06 ET

i lay in the floor somtimes its nice

2005-06-27 12:25:11 ET

which is why Pearson shouldn't punish one for doing so...

2005-06-27 14:02:53 ET

by god.

2005-06-27 14:14:19 ET

i actually like it by cyn, but i hate it in row A.

2005-06-27 18:50:50 ET

why for

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