hmm, i haven't noticed this before.
2005-06-27 18:35:07 ET

maybe i should so something about myself....seems that every girl that comes down here to see me...after the visit doesn't talk to me for a few days, that or doesn't talk to me at all anymore...does anyone else think that is shit...cuz i do.

2005-06-27 18:54:28 ET

man its just going to have to be paitent you'll find somone it just takes time

2005-06-27 18:55:36 ET

im serious about your screening process man, u know that right?

2005-06-27 20:30:00 ET

yea that definitely is some shit. i agree with teh pumpkin kid up there. youll find someone, itll take time though

2005-06-28 04:20:39 ET

and i agree with them all....that screening process might help...lord knows 16 isn't good.

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