2005-06-28 06:38:12 ET

again here at work, i should probably eat my breakfast, since it's getting warmer, yeah i've got these little bagel things, and they were cold, but their getting warmer now, i hate my job, but can't get a new one, so....until i find a better day, i'm here...and...yeah. so anyway, how is everyone, hopefully good. and stuff, hopefully i'll make it through the week and continue on a good weekend. that would be nice.

2005-06-28 07:38:11 ET

indeed that would be nice. ill take the job for you, since i need one horribly badly..haha

2005-06-28 09:45:21 ET

it pays right now 8.37 an hour, and i'm almost at a year, so this time next month i'll be making 8.62

2005-06-28 11:02:06 ET

yum do your bagels have jelly on them :P that'd be super good hehe

2005-06-28 11:27:17 ET

nope cream cheese.

2005-06-28 13:56:52 ET

that's good to. but jellys much better. :P

2005-06-28 14:02:18 ET

you hush dildoear.

2005-06-28 14:08:56 ET

hush..uh..JAMES! couldn't think a nothin to call ya..hehe.

2005-06-28 14:11:24 ET


2005-06-28 15:05:14 ET


2005-06-28 17:33:32 ET

your getting paid the same amoutn as me ! YAY!

2005-06-28 18:38:39 ET

who is?

2005-06-28 19:46:23 ET

heh at least its money. thats not bad actually. i could live with that

2005-06-28 21:16:44 ET

You are friend gooch !

2005-06-28 21:19:16 ET

how much you getting armored fuckhead?

2005-06-29 04:24:33 ET

um...yeah okay. During my 60 day evaluation, Ang told me that Mark said something about raises at the end of june, and he intended to ask her for her opinion of who deserves one, and she plans to tell him that I would deserve a raise. SO...maybe i'll be gettin a raise. *dances*

2005-06-29 04:27:19 ET


2005-06-29 04:29:18 ET


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